The Share Cannabis Co. offers artisanal cannabis products made to enhance any activity and boasts a bouquet of smooth, delicious flavors. Casual users will gravitate toward Mist, whose icy fresh flavor is the coolest accessory for everyday social use and running errands. Cosmo's lavender profile is meant to be shared among gyrating bodies and live music. Echo's bouquet should be shared in dim lighting by those on the hunt to decompress and destress. Tangy citrus flavors wake up your senses and heighten your focus with Field Day during those tough training sessions. 

Product Descriptors
Mist: calm, friendly, cool, determined
Cosmo: bright, social, euphoric
Echo: connection, thoughtful, warm
Field Day: active, focused, alert

I was motivated to design a brand language that had room for growth as SCC added more products to its portfolio. Each product included in the premier collection features a color gradient that serves as a visual indicator of the flavors, smells, and experiences associated with the products' unique uses and properties. The packaging invites customers to fantasize about the product before they've even been acquainted.

Art Direction // Branding // Graphic Design // 2022

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