About This Project
Creative Direction // Web Design // Graphic Design // Copywriting // 2020

The Client
Veda Sankaran is a recipe developer and a lover of culturally-influenced food.

The Task
Armed with her newly-developed Signature Spice Mix and a robust collection of recipes, Veda needed a platform to sell her product and host her personal catalog.

The Problem
Jalsa by Veda was a new business with little online branding or web presence other than social posts to Instagram and Facebook. 

The Solution
A brand and website that was designed as the digital embodiment of Veda from her love of culture and food to her warmth for other people. It exists as a recipe catalog with an e-commerce component, and a resource for home and professional chefs to come together to learn about food, culture, and our relation to one another. Visitors and students are able to sign up for at-home cooking classes, purchase the spice mix, and find a recipe without ever having to leave the Jalsa by Veda website.

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