About This Project
E-Commerce // 2020

The Client
Pure Bred has created a model for raising lamb founded on respect for nature. Their patented system, Safe Alternative®, demands observation of the animals, data collection regarding their feeding and their growth, and verification of their source once they reach the consumer. It allows the consumer to be connected with the farmer and united in this philosophy of care and respect for the animals they raise in hopes of setting the standard for the treatment of farm animals in America.

The Task
Refresh an outdated e-commerce platform and enhance the customer experience through a clear and simplified ordering process.

The Problem
The original hosting plan was an outdated product that restricted nearly all of the website's operating power. Because it was running on a legacy product, the website was unable to update and eventually crashed causing the Pure Bred team to take it offline.

Pure Bred's main business was done with luxury restaurants and world-renowned chefs, but the Coronavirus caused their B2B sales to decline due to state restrictions. Without a working e-commerce platform, Pure Bred was unable to make their products available to consumers and access more sales opportunities.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The Solution
The website was migrated to a new hosting plan that allowed us to update the software and create a new shopping experience. I removed the clutter that was once present in the previous design to accentuate the beauty of Pure Bred's products. This allows customers to quickly find products for a better shopping experience. Quick-Add buttons were used so that customers are able to quickly add several items to their shopping cart without being rerouted away from Pure Bred's offerings. 

A better, streamlined checkout experience was implemented for customers to check out more efficiently.

Mobile-optimized for different screens.

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