About This Project
Layout Design // 2020

The Client
Formerly known as Dal Forno, Cenacolo's pizzeria, C-Presto is an upcoming virtual restaurant based in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. C-Presto will deliver its menu to customers via food delivery apps such as DoorDash, Grub Hub, and Uber Eats. The menu is elevated casual featuring artisanal wood-fired pizza, handhelds, salads, and pasta dishes featuring their own Fede Pasta brand.

Featuring fresh, authentic ingredients, C-Presto allows customers to enjoy traditional, home-cooked Italian food in the convenience of their own homes.

The Task
Design a brand identity for Cenacolo's new virtual restaurant concept.

The Problem
Cenacolo's pizzeria has gone through a few brand updates in the past from name changes to brand overhauls. C-Presto planned to be a completely different beast, but utilize Cenacolo's loyal customer base - especially because C-Presto would be using the pizza kitchen next door. This virtual restaurant needed to relate to Cenacolo, but be able to exist on its own without any direct ties to its parent restaurant.

The Solution​​​​​​​*
This restaurant was supposed to exist solely online and in your home, so the brand expression needed to be strong. There was no dine-in experience or interaction with the staff. No tangible menu to read through.

I explored several concepts for this project and focused on classic Italian aesthetics with a modern influence. I wanted to design a responsive logo - something that could adapt to different forms and uses. A colorful, retro design was presented to the client that most emulated the vision for C-Presto.

*After my involvement with the project, C-Presto later became Salvi's Pizzeria & Wine Bar.

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