Logo Design // 2020

Derived Pilates was created in response to the economic shutdown caused by COVID-19. The owner was no longer able to teach physical classes and had to shift to virtual methods. Derived Pilates offers all range of classes with varying difficulty levels and specialty classes for those who need or want specific training. Classes are conducted throughout the week via live stream.​​​​​​​

Refresh a logo for a virtual Pilates studio that would be able to grow with the studio as they venture into apparel and equipment in the future.​​​​​​​
Pilates focuses on building strength through consistency and a series of poses. I wanted a strong mark that would look great by itself or multiplied over and over again to form a pattern. Simplifying the lotus flower from the previous design, I turned it on its side and nestled it inside of the shape of the D. The design went through several different iterations before progressing to the final design. I felt that three petals took up too much space, so I deleted the middle petal and duplicated the object two more times to emulate movement and consistency.
The Result
What resulted is a strong, athletic logo that is built for movement and has the ability to grow with the studio.

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