Small Farms. Big Hearts.

Those in the food and restaurant industry were greatly impacted by COVID-19. Restaurants were forced to close their doors which meant that farms and food suppliers saw their business evaporate overnight.

Pure Bred, an animal protein supplier, had to shift its focus from a B2B model to a B2C model. Pure Bred Provisions became the arbiter for the suppliers’ newly-coined Provision Packs, a delivery box including specialty ingredients from small farms and purveyors.

Pure Bred, The Chef’s Garden, and Animal Farm collaborated to offer consumers a line of premier Provision Packs featuring the absolute best of their farms. With a little help from their friends — Chefs Thomas Keller, Gavin Kaysen, Corey Chow, Tim Hollingsworth, and Daniel Boulud — they created world-class recipes featuring world-class ingredients packaged expertly in a delicious meal box delivered directly from their farms.

Over five weeks, they released five special Provision Packs — one per week — that were each showcased by one of the renowned chefs. In addition to a new microsite that housed resources and an online ordering system, new provisions were released with accompanying social content that featured how-to cooking videos from each chef throughout the pack's week-long campaign. A percentage of every purchase was donated back to the Keller Restaurant Relief Fund, Hand in Hand by DB, and Heart of the House Foundation.

Art Direction // Web Design // Graphic Design // Social Media // 2020​​​​​​​

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