About This Project
Logo Design // 2018

The Client
Wingin' It is a food truck that serves chicken wings complemented with homemade specialty sauces. The mobile restaurant travels throughout its local area to sporting events, festivals, and private parties.

The menu features bone-in and boneless chicken wings made with their signature dry-rubs and sauces such as "Dragon's Breath", "Golden Honey", and "Sweet Mama's Chili". Each order comes with house original sauce with the option to upgrade or modify with different flavors and sides.

The Task
Design a logo for a food truck.

The Problem
Competitors using similar names were crowding the landscape.

The Solution
As a new player, the team needed a strong identity to establish themselves. Because this design was going to be printed on cups and other takeaway containers I wanted the mark to be small and compact. Depending on its use, I wanted the team to be able to print the design on stickers to be used to seal takeaway bags, receipts, place settings, etc. 

The head of the chicken was made up of circles with slight size variations to keep the main shape balanced. Any attempt to use the same circle variation for the crest made the mark feel too stoic. We used a free-form shape to evoke movement and give the mark more personality.

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