About This Project
Logo Design // 2020

The Client
Sanctuary Place is a business development emerging just outside of the city of Pittsburgh, PA. It will be home to several storefront businesses such as a Pilates studio, hair salon, fitness center, and an assisted living agency. Coming 2021.

The Task
Design a logo for a town center that will be used as part of a welcome sign to greet guests upon arrival.
The design process for the chosen concept is shown below. I first started with a serif font as a guide while designing and incorporating the flourishes. Wrought iron gates and vintage designer clothing inspired this design to create a sense of elegance.
The clients felt that this concept was a little too busy for its intended purpose and required a touch of modernity. Without the embellishments, the design fell flat so I retraced my steps and started with the initial structure of the type. To modernize the logotype I manipulated the serifs and added additional angled crossbars to the A's. By the clients' request, I included the founding date which was designed to look like a metal plate.

The Result
I designed an elegant logo inspired by rustic and modern elements. It has a responsive design that allows it to adapt for any intended purpose such as large format signage, business cards, stamps, and social media content.

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