About this Project
Brand Identity Design // 2022

About Good Trouble Makers
Good Trouble Makers is the first creative collaborative to center on BIPOC and plural-sexual (bi, pan, fluid, queer) artists. The group uses movement and multi-disciplinary collaboration to create original artistic projects, events, and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Joy and celebration are central tactics used to welcome the public into their work and foster healing. They use their collaborative creativity to stir the spirit, activate the body, and challenge the mind. Self-described as good-intentioned mischief-makers, GTM's work often focuses on confronting the ugly truths about society and features rebellious art.

These artist-agitators are based in Los Angeles, CA, and work internationally.

The Task
Founder, Kai Hazelwood, reached out to me to design their new logo to represent a brand shift in their artist collective. She was looking for something to represent their commitment to love, art, and mischief.

The Solution
I came up with two concepts for this project. The first direction depicts an organic, hand-drawn feel that would expand into sketch icons and artwork to illustrate their brand across mediums and add a touch of playfulness. The second concept features a cat which was frequently referenced as a mascot for GTM. Featuring dripping paint and hot pink details, this direction was chosen for further development.

After exploring different cat forms and fine-tuning details, the final responsive design was presented as the catalyst for a cohesive, rebellious identity with several applications to permeate Good Trouble Makers' brand marketing.

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