About This Project
Logo Design // 2019

The Client
Social Duo is your new social media manager. "Duo" measures and enhances your digital presence with intelligent analytics, social media hierarchy, and strategic planning tools built for your brand and its specific audience. The observe feature allows Social Duo to study your social media habits by connecting your various platforms. Duo uses this information to plan social content, pick up on related trends, and suggests posts based on your activity history. Use detailed presets and schedules to help Duo's AI understand how and when to post for you. Automated interactions make sure you never miss a post and that your audience is constantly engaged.

The Task
Design an identity for a social media management app.

The Result​​​​​​​
The emergence and popularity of social media over the last few years has left marketers with a new task to constantly engage and reengage their audiences. I wanted Social Duo to show the connection and a type of cyclical pattern that we experience from social media. Brands deliver their content to an audience, the audience engages, and the cycle continues. It's a constant action to create content and connect with people. 

This logo was meant to depict the brand to consumer connection and how brands are made of consumer interest and engagement. Brands aren't whole without a loyal base of followers, consumer, customers, etc. that engage their products and ideas. 

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